Magnetic Spice Racks


Over the past few months I’ve been CRINGING every time I have to dig through the spice cabinet for something. It got to the point where I had HAD it, and in a matter of days I remedied the problem. If you’ll notice, I couldn’t even fit all of my spices in the cabinet. It might not look so bad to you, but believe me, finding anything in there was a chore. Plus, I really didn’t have a good idea what I had or needed. *Disclaimer: the laxative is for Anna.

Here’s how I decided to tackle this one:


I ordered these canisters from Amazon. This  set came with 6 canisters, the mounting plate, and some spices. Because we have A LOT of spices, I decided to get 4 of them to hang on the cabinet door to maximize space.


They came with labels, but 95% of my spices weren’t listed. SOOoooo…My sweet friend Cami, remember her kitchen, let me borrow her label maker for the day. THANK YOU CAMI! I love organization so this label maker made me giddy! I have GOT to buy one of these!


Here’s where things got a little iffy. The magnetic plate came with mounting strips, and it had holes for screws. I knew I didn’t want to screw into my cabinet door because #1: it is so thin, and #2 I didn’t want to put holes in the door (which is laughable compared to what I actually did.) I decided to give just the mounting strips a try, but ultimately they failed me. One by one all the spice racks fell down. “NO!”



I’m actually going to give Mike the credit for this one. I was trying to figure out the best way to get these spices to stay up without damaging the door. After bouncing a few ideas off of him, he mentioned super glue. Never hurts to try!


Super glue did the trick!


 Everyone knows that super glue is really runny, so we decided to take the door off while gluing the magnetic plate. I added a liberal amount of glue to each one and pressed on it until it dried a little. Maybe about 20 seconds each plate. It wasn’t long. Then I let it dry over night before hanging it back up and adding the canisters.


Voila!!! Organization makes me so happy!


To take the interior organization to the next level I added these spice rack tiers so I could actually see what was in there. I swiped the box for the ramen noodles for the “extra spices”. Storage/organization doesn’t always have to be pretty 😉 Now I have no excuse not to cook! Crap…maybe I should have left it a mess.

Kitchen2I love the way it turned out.

Time to find some new recipes!

*Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some other storage solutions that were contenders for this project. Stay tuned…

18 thoughts on “Magnetic Spice Racks

  1. Kristy says:

    I used a brand new small cookie sheet, to store my spice tins on.
    I took Velcro strips to the bottom of the small cookie sheet and to the side of the fridge on the stove side.
    I LOVE the brackets tho, ty for this info!! 😍


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