A House for Anna

Yesterday our sweet, little Anna turned 5. The kid basically has every toy she could ever want thanks to Grandma, so we had no clue what to get her. Then I found this…

IMG_0336…on a local facebook group where you can buy/sell used items. It was FULL of everything we needed. Barbies, furniture, clothes, cars… I knew it would be the perfect thing for Anna, and get this, I paid $50 for ALL of it! That’s right! $50!

IMG_0301This is what it looked like when I got it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it like that, I just wanted to spruce it up because, hello, I’m me.


With a lot of mod podge, a few trips to the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby, and some creativity, Barbie has yet another dream house.








The look on Anna’s face when she saw this huge present was priceless. What kid doesn’t want to unwrap a present as tall as they are?IMG_0444 IMG_0451 IMG_0450

I think it’s safe to say this years present was a success! She’s spent every waking minute playing with her new house.

*Take a closer look and you’ll see she’s already redecorated. Like mother, like daughter…

Anna's RoomSee where this post parties:

5 thoughts on “A House for Anna

  1. McKenna says:

    Adorable! You should think about finding more of these, redecorating them and selling them! Seriously! I’m sure people would pay for it.


  2. Thanks McKenna! It was definitely more work than I planned so I don’t know how much I’d like selling them. Besides, I’m sure I won’t find any more of those houses. The lady that sold it to me said she bought it from someone years ago who made it. If by some miracle I see one, I’ll snag it for you 😉


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