A Room for Dawn

Remember Wyatt’s room? If not look here. Well, once I finished Wyatt’s room my friend Dawn was anxious to get a start on hers. I love the way it turned out! I wish you could have seen it before, but we had a little mishap with the pictures. IMG_0837Dawn requested a Shabby Chic room with pops of pink. First off, I love the look of shabby chic, but it’s not something I’ve implemented in my own home. It was completely new territory and somewhat of a challenge. I changed things multiple times before ending up with this. I was having trouble making it Shabby Chic enough, so this is “Shabby Chic Kristie Style”.


Second, she really loves pink and knew she wanted a lot of it. I was hesitate to put pink into a master bedroom, but when it’s your room you get what you want. I’m glad I listened to Dawn because the room turned out great!


Dawn loves to rock, so instead of just having a pretty chair, we found one that’s a rocker.  She’s already started breaking it in.


Like Wyatt’s room, Dawn needed additional storage. We decided to add baskets to this ledge for those things she needs to keep, but doesn’t get into very often. I added a few decor items just for fun.


We were also able to store a lot of items in/on the bookshelves.


Working so much at Dawn’s house recently, I’ve realized her bedroom is sort of the hub of the house. Her kids are always in there spending time with her and watching TV.


Dawn recently lost her sweet husband, so I created this gallery wall with family photos to remember him. The frames were actually gold and I simply spray painted them white. They add the perfect touch to her master bedroom, and seriously, how amazing are those pictures? I found myself multiple times staring at them. Such a tear jerker.

Did you notice anything that didn’t seem to fit in the room?



I did!! I’m calling this project 98% complete because we need to paint these bad boys. The plan is to paint the dresser and the bookshelves white. Why didn’t we do it already? Well…it’s Arizona so it’s HOT, and we need to work on these outside or in the garage. We’re going to wait for cooler weather and spray them. Don’t worry. I’ll let you know when that happens.


 See something you want? Here’s where we found the items for Dawn’s Shabby Chic room:

Pink bedding: Overstock

Rocking chair: Walmart

Throw pillows on bed: Kohl’s

Throw pillow on chair: Target

Hanging lamps: Ikea

Curtains: Target

Lamp on dresser: Target(lamp) Target(shade)

Baskets: Homegoods

Frames for gallery wall: Hobby Lobby

Decor items: Home Goods, Michaels, thrifted.

See where this post parties:


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