Pretty in Pink

Slowly, but surely, I’ve been working on Anna’s room. A few weeks ago my friend Ashley and I painted her room (thanks for helping Ashley!). I had Home Depot color match Benjamin Moore’s “Woodlawn Blue”, and it turned out beauitful. Well, there were times when I loved it, and times when I hated it.


The room seemed like it was missing something, and it seemed kind of blah. Poor Anna was devastated that I painted her room blue. So…


…I decided to paint the doors pink. She LOVED the idea! Originally I started with a soft, subtle pink: Clark and Kensington’s “Lady Anne” (a great color if you want to paint an entire room pink). It just didn’t cut it for the doors. It was barely noticeable. Look at that picture! Can you even tell the top half of the left door is pink? I had such high hopes and I really didn’t want to buy more paint. I decided to high tail it back to Ace Hardware (one of my favorite stores) to see if they’d be willing to re-tint my paint so I wouldn’t have to buy more.


Like the awesome store they are, they did it!! The guy worked his magic and I ended up with Valspar’s “Amber Rose”. It was THE perfect color!


It gave the room just the pop it needed.

I still have a few things on the to do list: touch up paint, finish moulding over the door, make bench cushion, sew pillow covers… Just a few details. It’s coming along beautifully though! It’s becoming my favorite room in the house.

Anna's Room1 Stay tuned!

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