Christmas House Tour: Outdoor Lights


First off, let me start by saying it has taken us YEARS to agree on what kind of lights we’d like to put on our house for the holiday season. Mike is more of a Clark Griswald fan, if you catch my drift, and I like all white lights (warm white, not the cool white that has a bluish hue), clean lines, wreaths…in a word: classic.

After 9 years we decided it was time to find a solution that we could both live with forever, because lets face it, we’re NEVER buying this amount of lights again. EVER! Our compromise was to go with larger lights (c9) for the house, and the small lights for the trees and bushes. We alternated the larger lights with red and white (again, WARM white). You can in fact buy lights that are already red and white, but of course we waited too late in the season to buy them and they were sold out. So, in the spirit of being festive, I spent hours and hours switching light bulbs around and losing the skin on my thumbs. If you follow me on instagram you got a hint of my frustration. Because we have a typical, Arizona, stucco house, we had nothing to attach the lights too. After talking with some neighbors, and doing a little google search, we decided to use hot glue to hold the lights in place. We’ve had a few fall down, but I think it was due to some rain we had the day after we put up the lights.IMG_2285 Even though alternating the lights was ridiculous and made my thumbs go numb for a few days, and gluing the lights on the house was very time consuming and riddled with the occasional burn, I think all the trouble was well worth the outcome!

-Can’t say I’m looking forward to doing it all again next year though…


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