10 House Goals for 2015

Happy-New-Year-2015-Wish-ImagesIt’s a new year and we ALL know what that means: New year’s resolutions! In the spirit of making resolutions for a new year I thought I’d actually document what I’d like to do around the house.

#1- finish the arch moulding (it’s going to be epic people!)

#2- Add moulding to our bedroom wall. Possibly paint?

#3- Replace the floor boards in the girls rooms.

#4- Do something about that awful backsplash in the kitchen. Sure, it looked good when it was put in 10 years ago, but I’m over it.

#5- Give the laundry room some organization. Getting anything out of the cabinets can be scary!

#6- Add some string lights to the patio.

#7- Add a chalkboard outside for the kiddos.

#8- Possibly build some raised planter boxes? I’m sort of a plant killer so I’m still thinking on that one.

#9- HOPEFULLY buy new couches!

#10- Frame out Ellie’s window to match Anna’s.

Next year I hope to look back and see ALL of this complete. I’m probably living in a dream world, but I say go big or go home. It should be fun to see what gets finished, what gets scrapped, and what completely transforms into something else.

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