Neighbor Gift

IMG_2419Every year since Mike and I have been married we’ve made these delicious sugar cookies (sort of a secret family recipe. Sort of…) to give out to our neighbors and friends. This year I was so swamped with EVERYTHING that by the time we got around to making cookies I was out of steam.


To save time, and energy, I decided to give the neighbors their frosting in a container for them to decorate their own cookies. I also decided to make all the cookies the same shape so we could mass produce them and give everyone the right color of frosting. (Anna picked Christmas trees.)


It becomes a family affair every year. I baked, Mike filled containers with frosting, and Anna counted cookies. Anything left out of that list go ahead and assume I did it (wink wink).


I found everything I needed to package our neighbor gifts at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. The bags are from Hobby Lobby and the tags and bakers twine are from Michaels.  IMG_2401

I wanted to keep things relaxed and low key so I wrote on every tag with a chalk marker.


To top everything off, I placed a white pennant next to each tag with a hand written “Merry Christmas”.

IMG_2424 IMG_2422We pulled the whole thing together with bakers twine and crossed our fingers the neighbors love these cookies as much as we do!


2 thoughts on “Neighbor Gift

  1. Dawn says:

    What a great idea! I bet the neighbors didn’t mind icing their own cookies one bit. I know my daughter would love to get a gift like that from a neighbor at Christmas time. She would love to ice them and then we could all enjoy them together. Thanks for sharing.


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