Ikea Hack: Window bench coming soon!

I’ve spent the last few days in Anna’s room touching up paint, and tweaking things here and there. I am happy to say the Ikea Hack window bench is 95% done. (I’ll fill you in on what the other 5% is later). I’m off to take photos of the finished product! Well, 95% finished product…IMG_1422I’ll see you right here on Monday!

(Find it here)


One thought on “Ikea Hack: Window bench coming soon!

  1. Barbara Bayer says:

    I’m so in the mood to do a banquette in my breakfast room–and your pictures really spurred me on. I knew to come to your site–you have the best info and great instructions on everything! Well, guess I’ll do some measuring and get started. My hubby thinks all I’m going to do is make a mess. Guess I have to clean all my clutter in every room, so he’ll be in a much better mood when I start this. Thank you so much for giving gals the courage to do all these wonderful things. I have done some great things in the past–have all the saws and screws I could ever need–so it’s time to make me something–I’m always doing for others–and I know probably you are too. Thanks again for sharing!


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