Ellie gets the credit for this one.

Everyone take a good look at this cute, loveable, funny, sweet mischievous, little girl.


She seems harmless, right? Think again! Yesterday my little Ellie attempted to follow me into the garage. I was only going out there for 1 second to grab some bags out of the car. Every time I let her out with me she ends up running down the street, or doing something equally obnoxious. I decided, “Ellie, you can sit inside for literally 1 second unattended while I get this stuff out of the car”. You see where this is going don’t you…


In an attempt to open the door and follow me, SHE LOCKED ME OUT! She twisted the lock on the door knob and I COULD NOT get her to twist it back. Of course I had already placed my keys and my phone in the house. Not that the keys would have done any good. The other 2 doors have door guard locks on them, and we don’t even own a key for the door that enters from the garage. I was racking my brain to figure out how I could get in. Long story short I happened across an unlocked window, and 45 minutes later I was in. (Thank you Melissa for helping). Once I got inside I realized we needed to do something about this door. Hello! We don’t even have a key for it.
IMG_1010I decided my best defense against getting locked out again was to install a keypad lock system for the deadbolt and to add a hallway doorknob WITHOUT a lock at all. I went with this keypad lock because of price. There are others out there that are less bulky, but this door leads from the laundry room into the garage. I was okay with it being a little bulkier. I simply followed the instructions and 20 minutes later we were good to go. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

So, thanks to a certain little Miss, we have an upgraded lock and a fool proof way to NOT get locked out of the house. Aren’t 2 year olds fun?


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