Spice Rack Contenders and 8 Inspiring Storage Solutions

Yesterday I shared how I gave my spice cabinet some much needed organization. I was blown away by how many spice solutions out there would work for us.

These were my top contenders. *All found on Amazon.

1- Kamenstein 6 canister magnetic strip spice rack 

2-Hexagon magnetic spice rack

3- Kamenstein 12 canister magnetic spice rack

4- Kamenstein 6 piece color canister set

5- Bellemain spice gripper

6- Copco tier organizer

It was a hard choice knowing all of these would have worked. I love the charm of the colored canisters, the vintage vibe of the hexagon glass set, and the ease of the spice grippers. Ultimately I decided on the spice strip because it fit in the cabinet perfectly, I could buy as many, or as few, as I needed, and it lines up the canisters perfectly. A HUGE plus for me!

Are you having a spice storage dilemma of your own? Here’s 8 spice storage solutions that will get your creative juices flowing!


Coca Cola crate turned spice rack. Genius!! Via Discover Create and Live


DIY Spice rack on the pantry door. Via Shanty 2 Chic/Ana White


Pull out spice storage. Via Shelterness


Spice drawer Via Shelterness


 Casserole Dish turned spice rack Via iVillage 


DIY spice shelf inside cabinet. Via Family Handyman


Open shelving spice storage with mason jars. Via Ikea


And of course, Magnetic spice strips mounted on the cabinet door. Via THE HOUSE ON STANFORD


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