Ikea Hack: DIY Hanging Scallop Lamp

Anna’s room is coming right along! I’m excited to show you guys the finished product, but I’m still wrapping a few loose ends. Oh…and that WINDOW BENCH! It turned out amazing! I’m waiting on two itsy bitsy details on that one and then I can call it done! Anyway….


Now that I can FINALLY see the direction Miss Anna’s room is going, it was time to start pulling some finishing touches together. I had this idea for a fun, little, scallop lamp shade when I was working on Dawn’s room (Didn’t see Dawn’s room? Click here.) Ultimately, Dawn’s room took a different direction, but I filed that little lamp shade idea away to be pulled out when the occasion arose. Well…Anna’s room was such an occasion.


Here’s what you’ll need from Ikea: JARA lamp shade, EKBY HENSVIK bracket, and SEKOND cord set.


 First, I started by making a template for my scallops. After deciding on how big I wanted the scallops to be, and how many  would fit nicely around the circumference of my lamp shade, I created a template on the computer. I made a 2.5″ circle and printed it out. I cut it out, folded it in half, and voila, my scallop template was made.


 I used a small piece of tape to help me hold it in place as I traced each scallop around the bottom edge of the lamp shade.


 I learned this lesson the hard way: A painted lamp shade might look beautiful once it’s finished…until the lights turned on. Then all the hidden bits come out. With that in mind, I tried to trace as lightly as possible with a pencil. I didn’t want to see any hidden lines when the light turned on.


 Once everything was traced it was time for paint. I used Valspar’s “Amber Rose, to match Anna’s closet doors.


Once it was dry, it was ready to hang up.

(If you’re wondering why I didn’t just hang this from the ceiling as the SEKOND cord kit intends, we have vaulted ceilings and the cord simply wasn’t long enough.)


First I started by placing one of the hooks that came with the SEKOND cord set into a hole on the end of the bracket. The hole is intended to screw the bracket into the bottom of a shelf. If you’ll notice, the bracket is longer on one side than the other. I wanted the longer side to be parallel to the ground so the lamp shade wouldn’t brush the wall as it hung. I decided how low I wanted the lamp to hang and added the plastic piece to the cord to lock it in place and hang it up. After marking where the screws would go on the wall for the bracket, and adding anchors, I loosely hung the top portion of the bracket into the wall so I could fit the cord behind it. Once I had it, and the cord, placed where I wanted it, I put the bottom screw in as tight as I could. At this point the bracket seemed to be leaning in one direction so I folded up a piece of paper and shoved it behind it to hold it in place. You’ll notice something behind the bracket in the picture. That’s the paper.



That was it. Not terrible hard, or expensive. I’m so happy I decided to file this little idea away a few months ago. The scallops add the perfect little touch of whimsy to a once boring lamp shade, and hanging the shade from the bracket frees up more space on Anna’s side table for all of her “stuff”.

Pretty in Pink

Slowly, but surely, I’ve been working on Anna’s room. A few weeks ago my friend Ashley and I painted her room (thanks for helping Ashley!). I had Home Depot color match Benjamin Moore’s “Woodlawn Blue”, and it turned out beauitful. Well, there were times when I loved it, and times when I hated it.


The room seemed like it was missing something, and it seemed kind of blah. Poor Anna was devastated that I painted her room blue. So…


…I decided to paint the doors pink. She LOVED the idea! Originally I started with a soft, subtle pink: Clark and Kensington’s “Lady Anne” (a great color if you want to paint an entire room pink). It just didn’t cut it for the doors. It was barely noticeable. Look at that picture! Can you even tell the top half of the left door is pink? I had such high hopes and I really didn’t want to buy more paint. I decided to high tail it back to Ace Hardware (one of my favorite stores) to see if they’d be willing to re-tint my paint so I wouldn’t have to buy more.


Like the awesome store they are, they did it!! The guy worked his magic and I ended up with Valspar’s “Amber Rose”. It was THE perfect color!


It gave the room just the pop it needed.

I still have a few things on the to do list: touch up paint, finish moulding over the door, make bench cushion, sew pillow covers… Just a few details. It’s coming along beautifully though! It’s becoming my favorite room in the house.

Anna's Room1 Stay tuned!

Spice Rack Contenders and 8 Inspiring Storage Solutions

Yesterday I shared how I gave my spice cabinet some much needed organization. I was blown away by how many spice solutions out there would work for us.

These were my top contenders. *All found on Amazon.

1- Kamenstein 6 canister magnetic strip spice rack 

2-Hexagon magnetic spice rack

3- Kamenstein 12 canister magnetic spice rack

4- Kamenstein 6 piece color canister set

5- Bellemain spice gripper

6- Copco tier organizer

It was a hard choice knowing all of these would have worked. I love the charm of the colored canisters, the vintage vibe of the hexagon glass set, and the ease of the spice grippers. Ultimately I decided on the spice strip because it fit in the cabinet perfectly, I could buy as many, or as few, as I needed, and it lines up the canisters perfectly. A HUGE plus for me!

Are you having a spice storage dilemma of your own? Here’s 8 spice storage solutions that will get your creative juices flowing!


Coca Cola crate turned spice rack. Genius!! Via Discover Create and Live


DIY Spice rack on the pantry door. Via Shanty 2 Chic/Ana White


Pull out spice storage. Via Shelterness


Spice drawer Via Shelterness


 Casserole Dish turned spice rack Via iVillage 


DIY spice shelf inside cabinet. Via Family Handyman


Open shelving spice storage with mason jars. Via Ikea


And of course, Magnetic spice strips mounted on the cabinet door. Via THE HOUSE ON STANFORD

Magnetic Spice Racks


Over the past few months I’ve been CRINGING every time I have to dig through the spice cabinet for something. It got to the point where I had HAD it, and in a matter of days I remedied the problem. If you’ll notice, I couldn’t even fit all of my spices in the cabinet. It might not look so bad to you, but believe me, finding anything in there was a chore. Plus, I really didn’t have a good idea what I had or needed. *Disclaimer: the laxative is for Anna.

Here’s how I decided to tackle this one:


I ordered these canisters from Amazon. This  set came with 6 canisters, the mounting plate, and some spices. Because we have A LOT of spices, I decided to get 4 of them to hang on the cabinet door to maximize space.


They came with labels, but 95% of my spices weren’t listed. SOOoooo…My sweet friend Cami, remember her kitchen, let me borrow her label maker for the day. THANK YOU CAMI! I love organization so this label maker made me giddy! I have GOT to buy one of these!


Here’s where things got a little iffy. The magnetic plate came with mounting strips, and it had holes for screws. I knew I didn’t want to screw into my cabinet door because #1: it is so thin, and #2 I didn’t want to put holes in the door (which is laughable compared to what I actually did.) I decided to give just the mounting strips a try, but ultimately they failed me. One by one all the spice racks fell down. “NO!”



I’m actually going to give Mike the credit for this one. I was trying to figure out the best way to get these spices to stay up without damaging the door. After bouncing a few ideas off of him, he mentioned super glue. Never hurts to try!


Super glue did the trick!


 Everyone knows that super glue is really runny, so we decided to take the door off while gluing the magnetic plate. I added a liberal amount of glue to each one and pressed on it until it dried a little. Maybe about 20 seconds each plate. It wasn’t long. Then I let it dry over night before hanging it back up and adding the canisters.


Voila!!! Organization makes me so happy!


To take the interior organization to the next level I added these spice rack tiers so I could actually see what was in there. I swiped the box for the ramen noodles for the “extra spices”. Storage/organization doesn’t always have to be pretty 😉 Now I have no excuse not to cook! Crap…maybe I should have left it a mess.

Kitchen2I love the way it turned out.

Time to find some new recipes!

*Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some other storage solutions that were contenders for this project. Stay tuned…