Low Cost Revamp


Recently I’ve been working with my friend Melissa on a few projects. I already showed you how we organized a portion of her kitchen. (If you missed it click here.) A few of the areas she wanted to work on involved simply rearranging decor. She knew she wanted a change, but she didn’t want to break the bank for it. I think we can ALL relate.


This is where we started…


…and this is where we ended up.


She had a cute little gallery wall of family pictures in a small hallway which made the wall seem overrun with decor. We decided to switch the pictures to the wall above the piano. The wall is much bigger there and it fits the scale of them better. In addition to a new layout, we needed to make the frames more cohesive and have them carry their weight. A few of them had very thin frames that were hard to see from a distance. We decided to ditch those and go shopping, around her house that is. We gathered a few unused frames from a closet that fit the bill, but all of the them had completely different finishes. I’m all for miss-matched things when it works, but in this case it didn’t, so we bought a can of  white spray paint for $5 and remedied the problem.
Melissa's House1

By simply shopping around Melissa’s house, and rearranging things from one wall to another, we filled this somewhat empty wall with pictures of her adorable family. Sometimes it’s as easy as moving a few pictures!

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