Thoughts on organizing and keeping things tidy.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most since starting this little blog adventure of mine is that my friends have started to ask me to work on their projects with them and add my 2 cents. I love a project, and I love spending time with other adults (I’m sure some of you can relate), so it’s win win for me. Recently I’ve been helping my friend Melissa de-clutter and organize her house.

IMG_1021IMG_1024This is what we started with. This little section of her kitchen sits tucked away, around a little corner, from the rest of the kitchen. It’s become the catch all for EVERYTHING!!!! The display cabinet, while not cluttered, wasn’t being used to it’s full potential. Obviously before we could do any actual organizing we had to clean things out. At times Melissa seemed overwhelmed by the process so I put together a list of things for her to think about as we cleaned:

  1. Do I NEED this?
  2. Has this been used in 3 months?
  3. Will this be used within 3 months?
  4. Do I have more than one of the same item?
  5. If yes to #4, do I NEED more than one of the same item?
  6. Would I notice this item missing if it were gone?
  7. Do I have a reasonable place to store this item long term?
  8. Is this item worth the hassle of storing for the amount this item gets used?
  9. Could I replace this item for under $10 if I NEEDED it?
  10. Am I keeping things for the sake of having things?
  11. Is it broken?
  12. If it’s broken will I honestly ever get around to fixing it?
  13. Could I sell this?

I find myself thinking these same questions as I clean stuff out. It’s SO easy to be overloaded with “stuff” when you have kids, and unless you’re cleaning non stop, it’s almost impossible to stay on top of it.


Once we got through the hard part of de-junking, we had to give everything a proper home. I decided (ok, WE decided. This is Melissa’s house after all) to fill the display cabinet top to bottom with baskets to give everything an organized place to live, and to also make it visually appealing. Those baskets could be a mess, but you’d never know it until you pulled them out. FYI: they are not a mess! They are very organized. Good work Melissa!!!

IMG_1052IMG_1028 IMG_1029

To take the organization one step further we added chalkboard labels to each basket. I purchased these at Michael’s for 39 cents a piece!! We simple wrote on them with chalkboard marker and hot glued them on. SO EASY!!

IMG_1030As a preemptive strike, we added a basket in the corner of the counter for that random every day stuff. I’ve found with myself If I have a designated place to put that catch all stuff, that you can’t put away THAT second, my house tends to stay more organized. I also purposely leave open spots while putting things away for new things that I know I’ll eventually have. I have 2 kids! It’s GOING to happen! With that in mind, we left one basket completely empty for future storage that we all know she’ll need. We also added a paper organizer to the right of the display cabinets for all the papers she needs to file, but can’t get to that second. The canisters are filled with paper clips, safety pins, rubberbands…things like that.

Melissa's House

I love to see the transformation of a finished project. Especially when that project involves cleaning stuff out! Most of all I love being able to step in when my friends need my freakish cleaning/organization skills! It makes me happy to see them happy, and I love getting to know my friends even better by spending time with them! Thanks for enlisting me to help Melissa!

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