Message Board Upgrade

We’ve always had a message board in our house. I like things organized and for everything to have it’s place. The one we’ve had did the job, but now that Anna’s in school, and we have papers out the wazoo, it was time to upgrade. Meet our new message board!IMG_1656

SO much better than…



It was too small, too cluttered, no room to write anything… We had officially out grown this little message board (that was actually once a menu board).

Here’s how we got from “small and insufficient” to “new and improved with storage”:


I found this gem of a message board at Home Goods in the clearance section. As you can see, it had some damage to the chalk board, and it wasn’t magnetic.

IMG_1588I thought, “I can fix this. NO problem!”. Originally my plan was to buy some sheet metal, cut it to size, and paint it with chalk paint. Well, the sheet metal that was in stock, in the size I needed, was more expensive than I wanted to pay. I was going to keep up the search, but this particular day I had to run more errands. I ran to Walmart for this, and that, and came across this magnetic calendar. It was the right size, magnetic, and it was $7. YEP! That was going to be my sheet metal. One less place to stop!


First I had to rip off the cheap metal frame around the calendar. Once I got it started, it literally fell off.


I scrounged up some sandpaper from my mouse sander (best sander ever by the way) and roughed up the surface of the calendar so the chalk paint would stick.


Next I painted it with chalkpaint. Nothing to special here other than this: I painted the first coat all in one direction. The next coat I painted in the OPPOSITE direction, and so forth. It took 3 coats to cover completely.


Once it was dry I used hot glue to attach it to the frame.


If you’ve used chalkpaint before, you know you have to “prime” the board before writing on it. All you do is place a piece of chalk on it’s side and rub it all over the board, then you wipe it off (with something dry), and you’re ready to write with either regular old chalk or a chalk marker (which is erasable. It just has to be wet. I use baby wipes).


I added a clip to the side of the basket to hold Anna’s sight words. I could easily add hooks to the frame, but I think they would make everything look too crowded. IMG_1658

The basket was the perfect size to hold papers, a.k.a. Anna’s homework packet, and a mason jar to hold the chalkboard marker and pens/pencils. IMG_1655 IMG_1649


This was just the upgrade we needed!

Living Room


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