A Jumping off Point

 Welcome to our home!

I thought it was only appropriate to start with our entry. It’s been through a few transformations, but this particular setup has stayed the longest, so far. We all know how influential a first impression can be. I wanted the first impression of our home to say it all. Who we were, what we love, what my our style is. Basically who we are at a glance. I tried to only put those things in the entry that I absolutely LOVED. Hello! We’re talking about first impressions here. I love things to feel classic with a modern twist. I decided to go with two smaller groupings rather than one large one that spanned the entire dresser. For me, my eye always needs somewhere to rest. The dresser was originally purchased from the DI (Utah’s version of the Goodwill) for $30 when I was pregnant with Anna. Since then it’s served a few functions. It went from dresser, to tv console, to entry table. Originally it wasn’t so cute, but with a little love it became what it is today. Hopefully we’ll talk about that soon. I found “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” (info on the proclamation here) on a local facebook group. It was created by the talented Maggie Hatch. She sells the pdf on her Etsy site: https://www.etsy.com/listing/182934422/lds-family-proclamation, or you can email her at: maggiehatch11@gmail.com. It’s $5, and you can print it any size you want, but you’ll have to make/get your own frame. When I first put the proclamation up it was so lonely. Good thing I’m a total sucker for wall groupings (and white plates which you will soon find out).  The white plates were leftover from the dining area, so it was win win.  I threw in a few other items that define us: a picture of Christ,  photos of each girl, and a few decor items that fit the bill. Overall I’m happy with it. Will it change and evolve as we do? ABSOLUTELY! Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted when that happens.






See where this post likes to party!


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