Pillow Mood Board

So we have these couches…IMG_1123

We bought them when we were first married and they’ve served us well. They’re just not really the style I’m going for. Despite they’re flaws in the “beauty” department, they do have a few amazing qualities. They’re comfy, sturdy, and they’re really good quality. In fact, they just WON’T die! Their worst feature? Plain and simple. I would love something drool worthy, and these just aren’t making that happen.

These couches and I have a love hate relationship. I look at them and think, “Oh man we could really do so much better than these”, but then I sit on them and think, “these couches are straight from heaven and I am never standing up again as long as I live!” It’s a serious problem! I’d love to buy new couches, but until these ones die, It’s just not going to happen.

Since these couches aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon, I decided I WILL make them work, and new pillows ARE GOING to make that happen! I hope… To help me narrow down my options, because lets face it, there’s about a million AWESOME pillows/fabrics out there, I created a mood board.


1: Polka Dot Pillow, Cushion Cut Decor 

2: Lattice Pillow, Target

 3: Embroidered Floral Pillow, Pottery Barn

 4: Honeycomb Pillow, West Elm 

5: Oxen Pillow, Latter Day Home

 6: Circlet Pillow, West Elm 

7: Stamped Mini Dot Pillow, West Elm

I love a good geometric pattern so some of these pillows were a no brainer for me. A few others were a little out of the box, but I’m hoping they’ll be just the pop the living room needs.

What do you think? Am I still going to want new couches?



It’s just not going to happen.

Oh well.


See where this post parties:

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