Ikea Hack: Kallax Shelf turned Window Bench (Anna’s room phase 2)

After much anticipation, and delay, thanks to technical difficulties, Anna’s bench reveal is finally here!


First off, a huge thanks to my old man for being a HUGE help on this project. Thanks Dad!!

Here’s how we did it:


First I built the Kallax shelf and drawer inserts that I purchased from Ikea. (The shelf and drawers are sold separately. You can also purchase a variety of bins and baskets if you’d rather go that route.)

Once that was put together it was time to start the fun stuff.


We figured out what we needed and headed to Home Depot. All of the wood you see on the right was free. We simply asked an employee if they had any scrap wood that comes in with their pallets. We’ve used it before and knew it was the perfect thickness for the base of our bench. We purchased enough moulding to frame out the bench, closet door, and bedroom door. We didn’t have to purchase anything for the top of the bench, or the side panels, because I had some scraps sitting around my garage. (A few that I got for free at Home Depot! All you have to do is ask people!)


Once that was done, we built a simple frame for the Kallax shelf to sit on. We wanted to raise the height a little bit, and we also needed some support for the side panels that we needed to add.


Once it was level, we screwed the frame into the wall.


As you can see, we had to remove a few baseboards for the shelf (now bench) to fit perfectly in the bay window. We used the old baseboards as supports for the side panels, and some more free wood for the bench top. I love when we can make use of scraps!


Once our supports were in place. we used a protractor to figure out the angle of the bench top.


We measured, cut, tweaked (the corners had to be rounded a little), until it fit perfectly. Then we nailed that puppy down. *There’s the old man, hard at work!

After that it was a matter of framing everything out to be pretty.


I used simple door casing to frame up the sides of the bay window, and also on the top and bottom of the bench. The top casing on the bench sticks up about 3/4″ above the bench top to help hold the cushion in place. For the side panels we used the back of some left over beadboard from Anna’s Room Phase 1. The other moulding is left over from my DIY Picture Frame Moulding. (Any small, round, moulding would do the trick.)


To finish off the top we added the same topper we’ve added to all of my doors and windows (Thanks Dad! YES! My dad really IS cooler than your Dad. Insert tongue sticking out here.)


We started by nailing the door stop to the bottom of the 5″ flat board. (Ours actually had a rounded edge on one side, but we put that towards the wall.) We measured it so the door stop would hang over the edge of the door casing, and flat board, 1/2″. Once that was attached, we nailed the board into place on the wall.


After the board was secured into the studs, we added the crown moulding to finish it off.

After a lot of caulking, spackle, and paint (see how I tackle this here), this is the almost finished product!

IMG_1427 IMG_1435 IMG_1432

IMG_1431 IMG_1433

What’s left you ask? Well, we are getting new windows installed this week (Hooray!! It’s been months and months of window drama.), so those blinds will NOT be returning. We’re also going to lose the 2 smaller arches (I know. Sad…), and I have a fun plan for some book storage.

Check out these before and afters!

Anna's Room3

What a drastic change from the mls listing of our house.

Anna's Room2

See where this post parties:

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