A Room for Wyatt


 My sweet friend Dawn has been asking me for MONTHS  to help her transform her daughters old pink and brown room into a room for her almost 18 year old son, Wyatt. As I understood it, she just wanted to repaint the walls and leave it at that. Nope! She wanted a complete overhaul and I was more than happy to help!

IMG_0263Wyatt loves to play volleyball so I knew we needed to incorporate that somewhere.


He’s also close to 18 and preparing for an LDS mission. Nothing like a good reminder above your bed, right? (Click here to know more about LDS missionaries.)



Storage was a huge problem for this kid. I have a feeling it is for most teenagers. I wanted him to have a desk with storage, but I didn’t want something big and bulky because the room is pretty small. With that in mind, I opted for a desk with only 3 drawers and criss cross legs to help the room feel open. To compensate for the lack of storage, I hung a shelf above the desk and loaded it with boxes for all of his junk stuff.



This kid loves to play video games (what teenage boy doesn’t!) So instead of having 2 nightstands, I decided to fill the space on one side of the bed with a pouf from Target. Now he has some additional seating for friends, or just a place to lounge.


Out of everything I did in Wyatt’s room, this is my favorite. Wyatt’s AMAZING father recently passed away, and his mom found this picture of Wyatt going in to give his Dad a kiss. As soon as I saw it I knew EXACTLY where it was going.

IMG_0261IMG_0265While I was working on Wyatt’s room, Dawn called me and told me about some old cars that were her grandfathers. She told me where they were and I loved them! Aren’t they awesome?


I have to give a big THANK YOU to Dawn for allowing me to transform her son’s room. I had so much fun accepting the challenging of designing, not only a boy room, but a teenage boy room. I live in girl land so decorating for a boy was something I had never thought about before…until now.

Here’s a few before and afters just for fun:

blog photos5blog photos6blog photos7

See where this post parties:

11 thoughts on “A Room for Wyatt

  1. Looks great! Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream’s City of Links on Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week 🙂


    • Thanks Bridget! I never really thought about it working for a younger boy, but you’re absolutely right! It was definitely a challenge for me. I’ve never done a boys room before, so it was fun to try something completely new.


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