DIY Christmas Card Photoshoot


Recently, as in yesterday, I attended a photography workshop to learn how to REALLY use my camera. Because let’s be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing and my pictures reflect that. I was anxious to try out my newly acquired skills so I dressed my girls up and we had ourselves a little photo shoot.


I had all sorts of grand visions for pictures, but decided to start with the simplest in case it was an epic failure. I didn’t want to put a ton of effort into the background if it was going to be a total flop. I decided to have the girls sit on Anna’s bench in their Christmas jammies. I added some felt ball garland, some pillows, a throw, and a string of lights. As you can see, my skills aren’t quite up to par to capture those lights the way I’d want them captured, so we decided to ditch those. We also ditched the throw half way through.

IMG_1860Next I had Anna sit on the bench so I could get my settings right with the lighting. (I was obviously more concerned about lighting here than I was focusing. It’s a work in process…)

IMG_1887 IMG_1938 IMG_1946 IMG_1961 IMG_1956

With Daddy keeping the girls laughing, I captured some adorable moments.


We settled on these two photos as our favorites. I’m leaning towards the last one because I love a good, candid, closeup, but Mike likes the first. I prefer the gold lettering on the first, but the price difference is significant, so I have a feeling the latter one will be our winner.

If you live in the Gilbert/Chandler AZ area you should check out Jessica Downey Photo for information on attending a workshop.


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