Glimpses of Fall

I’ve never been one for seasonal decor. Not that I don’t like it, but because I’m SO cheap when it comes to things that don’t stay up in my house all year. Every year I put out a few fall decorations, but nothing crazy, and of course we do the whole Christmas thing. This year, I tackled our mantle with the few fall decor items we had, while little Miss Anna assisted with the rest.

I don’t think we did half bad! My friend Ashley made me the “fall” pennants a few years ago, and we make a point to pull it out year after year. I added some $2 (half off at Hobby Lobby) wheat bundles to some vases I had sitting in the pantry to flank the TV. I tossed in some fabric pumpkins my Mom made a LONG time ago along with some mini pumpkins I picked up at Walmart. I finished it off with a few bows, a crow (found at Hobby Lobby), and a metal pumpkin that was also purchased years ago (can’t remember where). Nothing too fancy, but it works for us.

Now for our outdoor entry.IMG_1555

IMG_1558IMG_1556Anna was THRILLED to be able to help me with all of this, but mostly the pennants that say “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” on our wreath. That girl is like a kid in a candy store when she’s handed scissors. We added a few felt leaves to the pillow on the bench, a sparkly spider under the light (made by Anna), and the saddest little scarecrow you’ve ever seen (that thing has been around awhile…). Even though it’s a little underwhelming, Anna and I had so much fun spending an afternoon together prepping for fall. Hopefully we can step it up a notch for Christmas. Hopefully…


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